Secondary Services

Aggreko Yemen offers some secondary services in the purose of develop , improve and support agriculture level in yemen.

Agricultural machinery

Provides a wide range of agricultural machinery, mini-tractors, chemical sprayers, engines, generators, tools, spare parts and maintenance.

Normal and hybrid agricultural seed

Provides vegetable seed for both normal and greenhouses, improved wheat seed, besides carrying out of extension activities. This sector has relations with leading and distinguished international companies in this field.

Pesticides and fertilizers

Provides kinds of pesticides, fungicides from leading companies in this field, which has proven to be a specialized and non-harmful to environment and other organisms, In addition to providing various compositions of fertilizers that fit a wide range of crops.


Aggreko Yemen has an integrated fleet with variable load capacities (light-mediumheavy) to suites all demands for internal transport, 24 hours throughout year.

Solar energy

Provides solar system components such as panels ,UPSs , batteries , materials and accessories , assembling and maintenance.


Supply all related materials such as fodder, veterinary drugs, animal health supplies, and apiculture materials.