Seed Potatoes Production

   Imports , multiplies and distributes of seed potatoes to highland areas in Amran, Dhamar and Ibb governorates during the period ( January-August); and to lowlands areas in Marib , Al-Jawf , Shabwah and Sa›dah during the period ( September - December), as well as follow-up of crops after sale.

   Performs field trials of new varieties in coordination with the relevant public authorities.

   Holds training courses, seminars and field demos for farmers from time to time.

   Making surveys and various questionnaires on potato production, carried out by a dedicated highly trained staff.

   This sector has dramatically expanded its activity, it tops the list of producers and distributors of seed potatoes in the Republic of Yemen in 2014 till now.

   Aggreko Yemen is the exclusive sole agent of Agrico b.v. The Dutch leader in the production of seed potato varieties which are desired in all potato producing areas in the Republic of Yemen.

Cold Storage Service

   Aggreko Yemen has cold storage facilities with a capacity of 750 tons valid for storing a wide range of potato varieties for both seed and consumer’s consumption.

   Aggreko Yemen has a distinct technical team consists of qualified engineers in refrigeration, electronics, electrical and software for establishment , maintenance of cold storage projects and have established a number of cold storage warehouses during the last period.

   Aggreko Yemen has put plans to enlarge the storage capacity to 5000 MT by 2020.