About Us

We are recognized as a Yemeni leader in importing, producing and marketing of seed potatoes operated by a qualified and dedicated staff. Aggreko is considered as the first company in Yemen which has entered this field and has integrated infrastructure.

Working with high efficiency, in order to increase the productivity of land, water, in addition to get the highest quality at lower costs. In order to reach those objectives , multiple variables must be managed properly like for instance the correct selection of the crop to be cultivated , the variety which is best adapted to the area , adequate irrigation , plant health, a well-balanced nutrition management.

Our Vision

  Integrate the business philosophy, culture and working with a well-defined and high sense of responsibility, for efficient participation in agricultural development in Yemen.

  Aggreko Yemen strategy based on the effective contribution and providing a comprehensive production requirements, storage solutions at competitive and subsidized prices, in order to achieve the main objective (to improve and increase production) to earn the trust of our customers.

Big Guidelines

  Commitment to quality standards.

  Integration in performance.

  Commitment and teamwork.

  Honesty and transparency.

  Upgrading our services continuously.

History of Aggeko Yemen

Aggreko Yemen has past through so many sucssesful challenges. proudly we ould like to show some important millstones:

The Nineties

In the early nineties: Production has began under the name of Amran Center for Agricultural Services .It has provided improved seed potato to Qa› Alboun farmers from Seed Potato Production Center(SPPC) in Dhamar (Seed Potatoes Company at present) which lasted till 2006.

Followed that was entry in direct importing of potato seed from the Netherlands ,distributed to farmers in Amran and multiplied some of that seed by contract system in accordance with the known conditions and requirements.

2009 / 2010

Production of seed potatoes was registered in the General Investment Authority (GIA) in 8th November, 2009 , with registration No. 3649 under the name of Aggreko Yemen for Agricultural Products Ltd., with a capital of 5,960,591 USD.

Aggreko Yemen has obtained the necessary permits for the importation, propagation and distribution of seed potato and it was the only one with this kind of activity.


In 2010, Aggreko Yemen›s headquarter buildings were established in Al-Jannat ,Amran governorate which have been built according to international specifications.


An exclusive contract was signed by AGRICO (A Dutch leading company in seed potatoes) for the distribution of Agrico›s potato seeds in Yemen ,which have the common and desired varieties in most potato-growing areas in Yemen.


First quarter of 2014 witnessed the completion and operation of the first phase of seed potatoes cold storage facility which is the latest of its kind with a capacity of 750 tons, that enlarge our annual capacity to 1500 tons and enables us to deal with a wide range of potato varieties.

Objectives of Aggreko Yemen

  To develop the role of private sector and its contribution to agricultural development and increase the national production

  To complete the construction of ultra-modern cold storage capacity of up to 5,000 tons within coming five years.

  To contribute in making balanced marketing policy for supply and demand of potato crop by storage of potato for both consumption and seed purposes to reduce the marketing cost to farmers of the region and the provision of potato consumption throughout the year.

  To achieve self-sufficiency in potato whether potato consumption or seed and the reduction of import seed from abroad and yields in future to neighboring countries through active participation with farmers , benefit from their experience , motivate them to increase production , improve quality and establish good relations with the relevant authorities.

  To contribute in raising income of farmers› , improve their living conditions and food security by encouraging local production of potatoes and other crops.

  To assist farmers in marketing their potatoes through more efficient, economic ways, introduction of modern agricultural operations which reduce losses during harvest and marketing.

  To expand investment frameworks by Aggreko Yemen through dealing with more than one product to serve the maximum utilization of various activities of sections of the company›s currently available to be expanded in the future and help increase the company›s income.

  To produce improved seeds of high quality with high productivity, diseases and pests free, and suitable for the environment of Yemen.

  To introduce modern agricultural operations such as irrigation systems, agricultural mechanization and reduction of losses during harvest and marketing.

  To provide agricultural inputs such as seed, fertilizers, pesticides , leasing of agricultural machinery and providing fuel to farmers at affordable prices with interest free loans.

  To conduct research and experiments on the possibility of production of new varieties of high productivity at appropriate productivity cost.